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The Little Kingdom Nursery School

Posted by in on 8-19-16

India is rich in its cultural values and sentiments. But the advent and popularity of western thoughts and ideas into India has been a catalyst to the ever increasing generation gap. Moreover, it has also created a dilemma for the younger generation with respect to discovering their true personality. It is absolutely not meant here that this transformation is wrong or we are resistant to change, on the contrary our vision has always been to accept ‘change’, but not at the cost of losing our centuries old culture.

From 1989 till now, its been a long journey for The Little Kingdom in passing on the ‘change’ to its children along with an effort of manifesting our cultural values and beliefs into them. I am indefatigable in furthering this effort along with the help of my ever diligent team. Moreover, it is the sanctity of our vision and the good wishes of ex-students along with their parents, which have strengthened our efforts to shell out the best environment for the tender minds.

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