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Saupin’s School

Posted by in on 5-15-18

While we focus, as educationalists, to prepare children emotionally and mentally for examinations and tests to succeed in life, we must not fail to remember that our real objective is to ensure that the children of today turn into self- reliant, responsible and empathetic adults of tomorrow.

It is imperative that we direct our energies into instilling in them the quality of Compassion; the ability to feel and care deeply about the world around them and to possess the necessary will and courage to translate those feelings into action.

We must equally help children develop and strengthen their ‘Ability to Reason’; the ability to deliberate and weigh with clarity the different situations that confront them. Though natural to get influenced by peer pressure nevertheless we must strive towards making them impervious to mob mentality. Their course of action must be guided by reason, fair play and justice without kindness and thoughtfulness being unduly sacrificed.


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