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Harvest International School

Posted by in on 8-19-16

Vision of Harvest International School is “Consilio etAnimis” by Wisdom and Courage.

Wisdom and Courage: Two of a kind

Some philosophers and theologians consider wisdom (prudence) and courage (fortitude) to be two of the four Cardinal virtues (along with justice and temperance). These primary virtues, traditionally ranked in the order prudence, justice, fortitude, and temperance, “are cognitive and motivational dispositions that in themselves designate not only adaptive fitness for individuals’ achievements, but also the idea of convergence of individual goal achievements with becoming and being a good person from a communal and socio-ethical points of view. Both wisdom and courage can inform human choice and fuel pursuits that lead to enhanced personal functioning and communal good. Courage also can help overcome obstacles that make the practice of other virtues more difficult.

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