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Few things to keep in mind while selecting a Preschool for your Kid

In today’s world, every parent’s priority is to up bring their child in the best way possible. Parents might compromise their own likings and wish lists to complete their child’s dream. In a similar way, it has become important for every parent to give the best education to their kids. The parent might or might not have got the best of education, but he would always want his child to get one. The process of getting admission into the best of the school starts when kids have just learnt to start walking and speak few broken words. Pre- school is the place where a child first puts his baby steps into the pool of education. Today, due to competition and other reasons, there are many pre schools ranging from the local pre schools where the parents had been or from a well known company having 10-12 branches of pre-school in the city. Parents are now confused where to keep their child for a pre-school. Here are few things you can keep in mind while selecting a Pre-school for your toddler.

Is your child ready for Pre- school – The first and foremost thing you need to understand is if your child is actually ready for attending a pre – school. It is not advisable to send a child to pre-school at an age less than two and half years. If you are breast feeding your child at this age too, stop that immediately in order to send him to a pre-school. You will have to prepare your child to be away from you and your home in order to go to preschool for some duration. If the said things are not in place then make sure you start training your child before he enters the play school.

Research – As parents you are responsible for your child’s education and hence selecting a pre-school is a major step. Before taking an admission in any of the play schools always gather some feedback from your neighbours, parents of the students who are in that play school, relatives and possible sources. In this case, word of mouth feedback will be better than an online search.

Nearby Locality – It would be good if you select a play school in your nearby locality as this will reduce the travel time for your kid and you can spent more effective time with your kid rather than travelling.

Visit the Play school – Once you narrow down your options for selecting a play school, visit the play school with your toddler. By visiting the same you will personally see the facilities and the hygiene factor maintained by them. Also, if possible let your child play for some time in the play school with the available toys there.

Take your child to the Play school – Once you have taken the admission in one of the play schools, before the school starts, take your child near the specific play school so he gets use to the environment and he will not be cranky on his first day of school.

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